UCLA Public Safety Network Systems

Group 5: Application and User Interface Design

This group is responsible for designing future applications that utilizes the full potential of the LTE Network for Public Safety Agencies (Fire Department, Health Department, Police Department, etc.). Such examples include the possibilities for firefighters to download the schematic design of the building, the police officers to identify the type of drugs, and the medical personnel to diagnose patients at any location. Currently, we are researching disastrous past events, for example 9/11, Haiti Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, New Zealand Earthquake, etc., in order to create applications that can be used to minimize the impact in similar future events. Also, we are looking through existing applications used by current Public Safety Agencies in order to find improvements and to incorporate it in the new applications.

•    Interoperability between initial system and targeted future network systems
•    Interoperability with other access and backbone network systems, such as:
    –    LTE versions, other cellular implementations, Wi-Fi, Internet, private IP networks, other access systems (cable, DSL, etc.)
    –    Satellite systems
    –    Paging and other wireless network systems
    –    UAV / helicopter based network systems
    –    Other public network systems
    –    Military networks; including mobile ad hoc wireless networks
    –    Share communications capability for regional authorities (e.g., road repair and traffic control) in non-emergency scenarios
•    Interoperability with future smart grid network systems
•    Interoperability demonstrations