UCLA Public Safety Network Systems

Group 6: Testing and Performance Modeling

The Testing and Performance Modeling Group addresses the efficiency and effectiveness of an implementation of a Public Safety Network System. Our team will utilize testing equipment CAD tools to identify the key characteristics and trade-offs of the communication devices used. In particular, we will be looking at the transmission rate, the quality of service, and the security features offered by such devices. The results of the laboratory analysis will later allow us to draft recommendations for public agencies.

•    Interoperability testing at UCLA lab environment
•    Simulation programs developed and employed
    –    where a simulated LA-RICS environment exists for the end users to come and do the "what ifs" on new products and technologies.
•    Development of hybrid simulation and device / network of physical sub-system modeling and analyses
•    Tradeoff and sensitivity studies using the lab environment to be developed
•    Testing and simulation of interoperations of systems and devices provided by multiple vendors