UCLA Public Safety Network Systems

Group 1: Communication Equipments

•    Develop a CONOPS for Public Safety Communications Networking
•    Develop a requirement document for networking transport and operations in a regional (metropolitan) space
•    UCLA will develop, run, and conduct meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences to collect data and assess users’ needs and requirements
•    Attendees and participants will include persons from user agencies, local/state/federal government organizations, industrial organizations, manufacturers, legislature, law enforcement, first responders, homeland security, private citizens, academia, DOD, and military.
•    Updates of public safety oriented Operations Technologies
•    Output: Report that becomes the framework for future work in synthesizing services, applications and technologies for a public safety network system
•    UCLA unique capability and experience in this area include:
    –    Three principles of the proposed Center have over 120 years of leadership roles in academic, government, and industrial based R&D projects in communication/computer networks, wireless/satellite communications, aerospace/avionic sys., and array/signal processing sys.
    –    State of the art knowledge of newly evolving networking systems and services, and networking QoS based transport, management and operations
    –    Vast experience of center leadership, management, and organization in conducting workshops, conferences, and seminars for government, industrial, and military organizations
    –    Strong academic and practical experiences permit creation of precise and focused requirement documents