UCLA Public Safety Network Systems

Group 3 : Networking

Group 3 focuses on the networking aspect of the PSNS. We are probing the proper requirement for routing and switching algorithm and policy for public safety network, and how to communicate information cross all layers of the network. It is especially important to deal with network management in order to control public safety communication alongside with other commercial communication. We must guarantee the public safety organizations a higher priority to access the network. The public safety network should also be capable to recover from any down connection.

•    LTE based public safety communications networking systems
•    Communications mechanisms and gear; radios systems; communications channels
•    Communications networking architectures, protocols and robust distribution algorithms
•    Communications networking gear; switches and routers; relays
•    Integrated mobile backbone based and multihopad hoc networking systems.
•    Base station and mobile backbone nodes acting as Mobile Control/Command nodes and /or relay nodes connecting to backbone networks, including to satellite and microwave links
•    Operations and management of public safety network systems
•    Control center operations; decision support; data fusion
•    New, including smart-phone, applications for use in public safety networks and services.
•    Effective status multimedia data dissemination